Saturday, September 21, 2013

Goodgame Empire

Noting is more challenging then to start with a small humble castle and to turn it into a mighty empire. This is exactly what you need to do in the new exciting multiplayer game called Goodgame Empire.
After a simple registration you get your own castle immediately, and get your first assignments showing how to construct a building and how to attack the castle of your enemy. Those assignments are important, because they teach you how to play the game quickly without the need to learn and memorize complicated tutorials.
After becoming more familiar with the game you get more advanced assignments. Completing an assignment gives some experience points and resources like wood, stone and food. Higher experience points means higher level in the game, and higher level means new types of buildings and better soldiers to recruit for your army.
In order to construct a building you need certain amount of resources. There are different types of buildings, and each building has its own functionality. Some of the buildings are civil buildings like farmhouse and stone quarry while others are military buildings like barracks and defense workshop. In higher levels you can upgrade your buildings.
You recruit armies and build siege equipment and use them to attack the castles of other players. The other players can attack your castle the same way, so you need to protect and prevent them from destroying it.
With excellent graphics and huge supportive community of players, Goodgame Empire is definitely one of the best strategy games!

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