Friday, October 26, 2012

Stickman Games

Stickman is a simple drawing composed only of few lines: circle for the head (sometimes eyes and mouth are included) and straight lines for the arms, torso and legs. People like the simplicity of this figure and like drawing it since the prehistoric era. Even kids can easily draw it using a pen, pencil or marker. It represents a human being without any specifics and that is what makes it perfect for conveying information in the best way possible. This figure is used widely in signs, cartoons, animation, art and even paper games like hangman.
Not surprisingly it did not take too long for stickman online games to appear, and those games are very popular today. There are different types of stickman games: shooting games, sniper games, adventure games, war games, funny games and much more. You can find your favorite stickman game from hot titles like Xiao Xiao, Sift Heads, Potty Racers, Shopping Cart Hero and Maniac Killer. The variety of those games is amazing!
If you are among the countless people searching for those addicting games, you can easily find them all in one place: an exciting arcade site called stickman games 247. You can play stick games for free at, and enjoy a wide range of quality games carefully selected. You can find a game to play in the most played and top rated categories, and vote for your favorite game either by a voting system or by placing a positive comment for specific game. Visit this site often and play new and hot stick games.

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