Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It is always fun to play a good platform game, unfortunately it is not easy to find a good one... In many cases the game is too complicated so it is very difficult to be on the right track without getting yourself killed, and sometimes it is the opposite, the game is too easy and it doesn't present a challenge to you. The new platform game introduced here, which is called miniPassage, is definitely a good one, as it is both entertaining and challenging and gamers will enjoy it a lot.
In miniPassage you have three passages you need to complete in the fastest time: simple, tricky and adventure. You get a score for each passage, but only a combined score of those three will put you in the miniPassage hall of fame. You need excellent coordination and skill to get good results in this game, and of course practice helps. Dodge lava, avoid fireballs, jump over water and climb ladders to get to the end of each passage. Whenever you are hit by a fireball or touch unintentionally the lava, a tombstone will appear to indicate your failure.
Use the arrows keys to move and Z to jump. Run fast to get the lowest score. In order to improve your score you need to find the shortest route, from where to jump and what obstacles to avoid, this is really challenging, and you will want to beat your score again and again.
DHGaming made a great job providing this enjoyable game.

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