Monday, May 21, 2012

Heaven Out

Have you ever wanted to help Saint Peter and make the sinners pay for all their sins by sending them right to hell? Well you can do it now in this new and hot game called Heaven Out.
Finally you are in heaven but there is a big problem, the sinners have invaded the place and don't want to leave. You need to kill them and send them to hell where they belong.
In order to complete your mission and kill those sinners, which are your enemies, you have a SaintSaw which is a special and lethal chainsaw that you use as your weapon. You activate it by collecting stars. If the energy of the weapon reaches zero, then it is deactivated.
You fall from heaven and you have limited time, so you need to complete the mission, otherwise you will find yourself in hell.
Use the mouse to move your hero. Collect coins to buy upgrades and doves for bullet time. This bullet time is very useful and it is used to slow down the game, so you can collect items and kill enemies more easily. It is activated by clicking the left mouse button. Collect gasoline to light your enemies. Flame mode allows you to kill the enemies faster.
Enemies can steal your money and doves, and they can also slow down your moves by punching you. Some of them have magnetic skills.
The game is brought to you by which as always keeps publishing quality games.

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