Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5

The monkeys are back! The war between monkeys and bloons seems to be never ending. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the newest game in the sequel of Bloons Tower Defense-series, a sequel that many times been awarded for the best tower defense game available online. The mission is simple; do not let the balloons slip through the whole map. To avoid this to happen you got a huge selection of towers, monkeys, spikes, pineapples - you name it, to place strategically around the map. Each and every monkey eliminate the balloon in their own way. And after several upgrades, all and every tower eventually become quite deadly for more or less every balloon. The graphics have been highly upgraded and many new characters and 2 new towers as well. New in this game is that every tower can be upgraded in 8 different ways. Harder and even more challenging maps have also been added to encourage the player to return to the game over and over again. And watch out for ZOMG, the new bloon. Also take a look at the new feature secret agent which can be used once a round with some monkey money. Which in that turn can be earned when completing one level without getting killed. Its also possible to save your progress if you register with NinjaKiwi. I think its fair to say that Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the best tower defense game made so far. All I can say is enjoy and be aware that the loading time for this game is quite long due the big game size. But its so worth the wait. Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

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