Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting your own gaming website

Here is a little article I wrote for those looking for some tips to start their own arcade.

At this point, you are probably dreaming about all the money you could make with your gaming portal. It may not be as simple as it looks like. They are certain things that you absolutely need to know before getting to work. Without them, you will never be able to earn even a buck!

1) First of all, to start off any business, you need some money. You will not go pretty far if you are not willing to spend a couple of those precious green bills. You will need money for the followings:

- Rent a server to host your site (I use IWeb, which provides excellent hosting at a very low price : less than 3$ a month for 10 years!)
- Buy a domain name (10$/year)
- Buy an arcade script (starting at 20$) (I use AvArcade Pro)
- Advertise your site (Google AdWords, Yahoo Sponsored Ads, etc.)

Those are almost all mandatory if you want your site to be successful. Other fees may be necessary, such as hiring people to help you with your website design/logo or to code special or unique features for your site. However, if you have an excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, you certainly have a clear advantage over thousands of people.

Furthermore, if you really wanna be serious with your project, you will have to sponsor games. You can start doing this at This will require some investments, but it will always be the best way to promote your website and bring thousands of users to play on it, thus bringing you money (mainly through Google AdSense) and helping you grow your business.

2) Second of all, you need something that is even more precious than money. You need time to invest in your project. That applies to anyone looking for success in something. Running a popular arcade portal does not require only a few hours of work, after what you let it run by itself and start earning a nice income daily. It requires constant work, and only after incalculable hours of work will you see the money starting to pay off for all that hard work. Working on your website design, content, as well on marketing, advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are things that take time and that will be worth it in the long-term adventure.

3) Invaluable qualities that helps building a great gaming website are creativity, talent, curiosity, sense of business, engagement and motivation! Without those, it is gonna be quite difficult to achieve any kind of success.

This was not indented to provide a full guide on how to build your arcade website, but to inform you about the most important things that you should know before starting your gaming portal project. It is now time either to experiment by yourself or go and find other useful information around the net. Here are a few links to help you get started.

Domain name:


Arcade scripts:

Other useful arcade informations:

Good luck with your online games website and most of all... enjoy anything you are investing time in!

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